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Socio-economic impact of Prunus africana management in the Mount Cameroon region
Ekane, Bellewang Nelson
Do Self-Sustainable MFI:s help alleviate relative poverty?
Stenbäcken, Rasmus
High job demands, low support: Social work praktice realities in public social s
Papadaki, Eleni
Making their minds up: Students´ choice to study social work in Iraklio, Gr
Papadaki, Vasileia
Literacy Practices in and out of School in Karagwe: the Case of Primary School L
Wedin, Åsa
The Conditions for Multi-Level Governance: Implementation, Politics, and Coopera
Lundin, Martin
Small-scale welfare on a large scale: social cohesion and the politics of swedis
Strandbrink, Peter ,Pestoff, V
Yoghurt For Development: A Glance at the Grameen Danone Social Business from Dif
Strandbrink, Peter
Poverty Reduction through the participation of the poor!?: A study of the Povert
The situation of the low devel
Poverty Reduction through the participation of the poor!?: A study of the Povert
Tanghöj, Erike
Governing Welfare: The third sector and the challenges to the Swedish Welfare St
Vamstad, Johan
Prisoners of poverty: the plight of girl children education in Igara County, Bus
Agaba, Gloria
The State, State-Society Relations and Developing Countries’ Economic Performan
Edigheji, Oghenemano Emmanuel
African Women and Religious Change: A study of the Western Igbo of Nigeria with
Ibewuike, Victoria O.
Sexual Behaviour and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Urban Ugandan Youth
Råssjö, Eva-Britta
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