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美国斯坦福大学教育学院 Michael Kamil教授
来源: 作者: 发布时间:2007-09-03  

Kamil, Michael

Consulting Professor of Education; Psychological Studies in Education; Learning, Design, and Technology


"Problems related to technology and literacy need to become more a part of mainstream literacy research, instead of being considered secondary to more traditional strands of research. We need to examine literacy through the lens of technology to see special problems and issues that need the attention of researchers."

- from the co-authored article, "Researching the Relationship Between Technology and Literacy"

Dr. Kamil's work is concerned with the effects of technology on literacy and its acquisition. His research determines the types of materials that are best suited for use in beginning reading instruction and the appropriate balance between applications of technology and the demands of literacy. He also conducts research with English language learners. A current study examines the effects of recreational reading of information text on reading achievement of ELL students.
*  PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1969;
*  MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1967;
*  BA, Tulane University, 1964.
*  Faculty Associate, University of Texas (1969-1971);
*  Faculty Associate and Director of Reading Clinic, Arizona State University (1971-1972);
*  Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota-Duluth (1972-1974);
*  Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Reading Clinic, Purdue University (1978-1980);
*  Associate Professor of Education, University of Illinois-Chicago (1980-1989);
*  Visiting Professor, Educational Theory & Practice, Ohio State University (1989-1990);
*  Associate Professor, Educational Theory & Practice, Ohio State University (1990-1992);
*  Professor, Educational Theory & Practice, Ohio State University (1992-1996).
*  Since 1996.
*  Visiting Professor (1996-1997);
*  Professor (1997 - ).
*  Software for literacy development; the effects of technology on literacy; second language reading; cognitive processes in reading electronic text; adolescent literacy interventions.
*  Reading in a Second Language (Ed 364X);
*  Trends and Issues in Reading (Ed 366X);
*  Reading Research Syntheses, Policy and Practice (Ed 367X);
*  Trends and Issues in Reading (Ed 480).
*  Handbook of Reading Research, Volume III (with P. Mosenthal, P.D. Pearson & R. Barr, 2000);
*  Professional Development for Teaching Reading (with D. Strickland, 2004);
*  Successful Reading Instruction. (with H. Walberg & J. Manning, 2002);
*  Kamil, M. L. (2004). The current state of quantitative research. Reading Research Quarterly.
*  Member, National Literacy Panel for Language Minority Children (2002 - );
*  Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Educational Psychology (2003- );
*  Member, RAND Reading Study Group (2000-2003);
*  Member, National Institute of Child Health and Development National Reading Panel (1998 - 2000).
*  Phone: (650) 725 5452
*  Email:

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