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美国斯坦福大学教育学院 Susanna Loeb博士
来源: 作者: 发布时间:2007-09-03  

Loeb, Susanna

Associate Professor of Education


Dr. Loeb specializes in the economics of education, and the relationship between schools and federal, state and local policies. She studies school finance reform, and specifically how the structure of state finance systems affects the level and distribution of funds to districts. She also looks at the teacher labor market and how changing job opportunities for women college graduates affects the pool of potential teachers.
*  PhD (Economics), University of Michigan, 1998;MPP (Public Policy Studies), University of Michigan, 1994;
*  BS (Civil Engineering), Stanford University, 1988;
*  BA (Political Science), Stanford University, 1988.
*  Research Assistant, University of Michigan School of Education (1991-1993, 1996- );
*  Research Assistant, University of Michigan Department of Economics (1993-1996);
*  Research Fellow, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan (1995- );
*  Research Consultant, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, University of Michigan (1997- );
*  Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis (1998-1999)
*  Since 1999:
*  Assistant Professor of Education
*  Public Finance; labor economics; applied econometrics; education policy
*  The Social Sciences and Educational Analysis (Ed 220A);
*  Introduction to the Economics of Education (Ed 220Y);
*  Resource Allocation in Education (Ed 222)
*  "Estimating the Effect of School Finance Reform: A Framework For a Federalist System" in Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming);
*  "Effects of Prekindergarten Classrooms for Disadvantaged Children on Cognitive Development: The Case of Chapter 1" in Child Development (with Valerie Lee and Sally Lubeck, 1998);
*  "Centralization of School Finance in Michigan" in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (with Paul Courant, 1997);
*  "The Effects of Measured School Input on Academic Achievement: Evidence from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s Birth Cohorts" in the Review of Economics and Statistics (with John Bound, 1996);
*  "Michigan's Recent School Finance Reforms: A Preliminary Report" in the American Economic Review (with Paul Courant and Edward Gramlich, 1995).
*  Phone: (650) 725 4262
*  Email:
*  Home page:

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