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美国斯坦福大学教育学院 Anthony Antonio副教授
来源: 作者: 发布时间:2007-09-03  

Antonio, Anthony

Associate Professor of Education, SSPEP/APA
Assistant Director, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research (SIHER)

Dr. Antonio's research addresses many of the major issues currently facing American higher education. First, as admission spots into higher education institutions become more and more competitive, he seeks to achieve a better understanding of how students and families gather and digest information about college admissions and college-going to make crucial college choice decisions. Second, his research investigates the impact that increasing racial and cultural diversity is having on higher education. He is specifically interested in socialization in multicultural environments and the role that campus diversity plays in the civic development of students.
*  MA (Education), and PhD (Higher Education),University of California, Los Angeles, 1998;
*  MS (Mechanical Engineering), Stanford University, 1992;
*  BS (Mechanical Engineering), University of California, Berkeley, 1988.
*  Research Analyst, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA (1994 - 1998).
*  Since 1998.
*  Assistant Professor of Education;
*  Assistant Director, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research.
*  Transitions to postsecondary education; impact of diversity on college students; faculty diversity.
*  Administration and Policy Analysis Research Seminar (Ed 331A, Ed 331B);
*  Research Seminar in Higher Education (Ed 346);
*  Multicultural Issues in Higher Education (Ed 381);
*  Student Development and the Study of College Impact (Ed 382);
*  Values and Research in Higher Education (Ed 383X).
*  Antonio, A.L. (2004). When Does Race Matter in College Friendships? Exploring the Role of Race within Men's Diverse and Homogeneous Friendship Groups. Review of Higher Education.
*  Antonio, A.L., Chang, M.J., Hakuta, K., Kenny, D.A., Levin, S.L., & Milem, J.F. (2004). Effects of Racial Diversity on Complex Thinking in College Students. Psychological Science.
*  Antonio, A.L. (2004). The Influence of Friendship Groups on Intellectual Self-Confidence and Educational Aspirations in College. Journal of Higher Education.
*  Antonio, A.L. (2002). Faculty of color reconsidered. Retaining scholars for the future. Journal of Higher Education.
*  Affiliated Faculty, Center for Comparative Study in Race and Ethnicity (1998-present) and Program in Asian American Studies, (1998-present);
*  Committee in Charge, Modern Thought and Literature program (1999-present).
*  Phone: (650) 723 4053
*  Email:

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