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美国斯坦福大学教育学院 Stephen H. Davis副教授
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Davis, Stephen H.

Associate Professor of Education (Teaching)


A member of the SUSE faculty since fall of 2002, Dr. Davis studies school leadership behavior and decision-making. His recent book (Feb. 2003) titled "The Intuitive Dimensions of Administrative Decision Making" provides a descriptive analysis of how principals make complex decisions on the job and how those behaviors compare with models of rationality. Dr. Davis's current research interests involve the characteristics of effective administrative preparation and training programs and how transformative learning occurs on the job over the various stages of an administrator's career.
*  Ed.D. Stanford University, 1987 (Administration and Policy Analysis);
*  MA San Jose State University, 1980 (Physical Education);
*  BA Stanford University, 1971 (Political Science)
*  Associate Professor (teaching), Stanford University School of Education (2002-current)
*  Director, Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies program, Stanford School of Education (2004-current)
*  Director, Prospective Principals Program, Stanford University School of Education (2002-03)
*  Associate Professor, Educational Administration, University of the Pacific (2001-02)
*  Assistant Professor, Educational Administration, University of the Pacific (1995-2001)
*  Superintendent, Shoreline Unified School District, Marin County, CA (1991-94)
*  Director of Personnel Services, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, Contra Costa County, CA (1989-91)
*  Principal, Ygnacio Valley High School, Mt. Diablo Unified School District (1986-89)
*  Dean of Students, Marysville High School, Marysville Joint Unified School District, Yuba County, CA (1980-84)
*  Teacher, Social Studies, Cupertino High School, Fremont Union High School District,
*  Cupertino, CA (1973-80).
*  Since fall 2002.
*  Executive decision-making, leadership effectiveness, leadership professional development.
*  Legal Dilemmas and Administrative Decision-making in Schools
*  Educational leadership: Theories, Policies, and Practices
*  School-based decision-making
*  Learning to Lead in Public Service Organizations
*  Leadership and Civic Responsibility
*  Leadership, Ethics, and the Law
*  Practicum in educational administration
*  What Was I Thinking? Common Traps in Administrative Decision Making by Superintendents and Principals. The School Administrator (June, 2005).
*  The Myth of the Rational Decision Maker. Journal of School Leadership, (14) Nov. 2004.
*  The Leadership Journey. Leadership, Sept/Oct. 2004.
*  "The Intuitive Dimensions of Administrative Decision Making". Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Education Press, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (Feb. 2003).
*  Accusations of Discrimination. The Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 3 (4) (Fall, 2000).
*  Why Principals Lose Their Jobs: Comparing the Perceptions of Principals and Superintendents. The Journal of School Leadership, 10, 40-68 (Jan. 2000).
*  The Politics of Principal Evaluation. Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education, 13 (4)383-403 (Dec. 1999).
*  Climbing the Administrative Ladder: Who Goes Up Might Come Down. NASSP Bulletin, 82 (602), 49-59 (Dec. 1998).
*  Taking Aim at Effective Leadership. Thrust for Educational Leadership, 28 (2), 6-9 (Nov. 1998).
*  Why Do Principals Get Fired? Principal, 78 (2), 34-39 (Sept. 1998).
*  Superintendents' Perspectives on the Involuntary Departure of Public School Principals: The Most Frequent Reasons Why Principals Lose Their Jobs. Educational Administration Quarterly, 34 (1), 58-90 (Feb. 1998).
*  The Principal's Paradox: Remaining Secure in a Precarious Position. NASSP Bulletin, 81 (592), 73-80 (Nov. 1997).
*  Member, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Board of Institutional Reviewers (2001- current).
*  Member of the Education Law Association.
*  Chair, visiting committee for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (March, 2003).
*  Member, Association of California School Administrators (1980-current).
*  Member, National Association of Secondary School Principals (2003-current).
*  Member, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (2003-current).
*  Phone: (650) 724 3794
*  Email:

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