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美国斯坦福大学教育学院 Amado Padilla教授
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Padilla, Amado

Professor of Psychological Studies in Education
Director, California Foreign Language Project
Director, Bay Area Foreign Language Project


"For members of many ethnic groups with their own language, the language itself comes to be symbolic of the group's vitality and place in the world. For instance, we use the term "mother tongue" to signify the first language learned and/or the language of the home. There is perhaps no greater way to express the importance that language has to a group than to equate it to the affection that we give our mothers! In other words, language, like a mother, provides the nurturance and stability so necessary for healthy development and fulfillment. Language gives meaning to an ethnic group because it connects the present with the past through its oral traditions, literary forms, music, history, and customs. In essence, it is frequently language which gives an ethnic group its distinctiveness."

- From his chapter "Psychology" in The Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity

Dr. Padilla's interests include academic resilience and positive school experiences of students from at-risk backgrounds; psychological acculturation and adjustment of immigrants, especially children and adolescents; and simultaneous and successive forms of bilingual development. He publishes widely in his areas of research expertise. He is also interested in quantitative research methods in multicultural contexts. He serves as the principal investigator of the California Foreign Language Project (CFLP), a program that assists California teachers in foreign language instruction by offering year-round professional development programs, including intensive institutes in the summer and follow-up sessions during the school year.
*  B.A., (Psychology) New Mexico Highlands University;
*  M.S., (Experimental Psychology) Oklahoma State University;
*  Ph.D., (Experimental Psychology) University of New Mexico.
*  Assistant Professor of Psychology, State University of New York;
*  Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara;
*  Associate Professor to Full Professor of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles.
*  Since 1988.
*  Professor of Psychological Studies in Education (1988 - ).
*  Current projects include: (a) the development of models of psychological acculturation that incorporate social cognition theory and social identity; (b) the meaning of cultural assimilation from a legal and societal perspective; (c) conditions that facilitate the high achievement performance of students from backgrounds that normally would hinder their achievement; (d) writing a text on quantitative research methods for studying culturally diverse populations in multicultural contexts such as schools, social service clinics, ethnic communities, etc.; and (e) evaluation of professional development programs for foreign language teachers.
*  Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives (Ed 177/277);
*  Adolescent Development and Learning (Ed 240);
*  Emerging Issues in Child and Adolescent Development (Ed 239);
*  Psychological and Educational Resilience Among Children and Youth (Ed 256);
*  Second Language Acquisition Research (Ed 286B);
*  Culture, Class and Educational Opportunity (Ed 102)
Current Syllabus: EDUCATION 277, Winter 2004.doc
*  "Quantitative Methods in Multicultural Education Research" In J. Banks & C. Banks (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Multicultural Education. (2004) Josey-Bass.
*  "A Statewide Professional Development Program for California Foreign Language Teachers" (2004) in Foreign Language Annals.
*  "Acculturation, Social Identity, and Social Cognition: A new perspective" (2003)in Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.
*  "United States? Hegemony and Purposes for Learning English in Mexico" (2003) In P. Ryan and R. Terborg (Eds.), Language Issues of Inequality.
*  "Evaluation of Professional Development for Language Teachers in California" (2002) Foreign Language Annals.
*  "Academic Performance of Immigrant and U.S. born Mexican Heritage Students" (2001) American Educational Research Journal.
*  Principal Investigator, California Foreign Language Project;
*  Member, Board of Directors, Adolescent Counseling Services;
*  Member, Board of Directors, East Palo Alto Charter School;
*  Member, Board of Directors, EdSource;
*  Founding Editor, Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.
*  Phone: (650) 723 9132
*  Email:
*  Home page:

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