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美国斯坦福大学教育学院William Damon教授
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 Damon, William


 Professor Of Education
 Director, Stanford Center on Adolescence

 Phone: (650) 725 8205




PhD (Developmental Psychology), University of California, Berkeley, 1973;

BA, Harvard University, 1967.


 Professional Experience

 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Clark University (1973-1978);

Associate Professor of Psychology (1978-1982); Professor of Psychology, Clark University (1982-1989);

 Dean of the Graduate School, Clark University (1983-1987); Chair of Education, Clark University (1988-1989);

  Professor of Education, Brown University (1989-1998);

  Chair of Education, Brown University (1989-1992);

 The Mittlemann Family Director, Center for the Study of Human Development (1992-1998);

 University Professor, Brown University (1996 - 1998).

Time at Stanford

Profesor of Education (1997 - );

Director, Stanford Center on Adolescence (1997 - );

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (1999 - )

Current Research

 Development of moral commitment through the lifespan; the formation of purpose during adolescence; educational methods   for  promoting character, moral identity, and the capacity for good work.

 Courses Taught

 Moral Education (Ed 247);

Advanced Seminar in Childhood and Adolescent Development (Ed 430A).

  Recent Select Publications

  The development of purpose during adolescence(2003). In Applied developmental science.(With Jenni Menon and Kendall Bronc)

  Good Work: When excellence and ethic meet.(2001) Basic Books. (With Howard Gardner and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

   The moral advantage: How to succeed in business by doing the right thing(2002). Optimize Magazine.

   To not fade away: Restoring civic identity among the young (2001). In D. Ravitch and J. Viteretti, Making Good Citizens.

 Current Activities

National Academy of Education, 2000 –

 Editor-in-Chief, New Directions for Child Development, 1978 - .

 Editor-in-Chief, Handbook of Child Psychology, 1998, 2005 editions.

  Advisory Boards, Positive Coaching Alliance, The Thriving Indicators Project, The John Templeton Foundation.


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