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会议名称:  INTED2008 (International Technology, Education and Development Conference)
会议时间:  2008-03-03
会议地点:  Valencia (Spain)
会议主题:  Technology, Education and Development

The scope of inted2008 includes the following topics:

General Issues
Education and Globalization
Organizational, legal and financial issues
Intellectual Property on Education
Digital Rights Management
Diversity issues and women and minorities in science and technology
Barriers to Learning (e.g.: age, psychosocial factors, ethnicity…)
Student Support in Education
Increasing affordability and access to the Internet
Experiences in Education
New projects and innovations
Enhancing learning and the undergraduate experience
Education practice trends and issues
Transferring disciplines 
Competence Evaluation 
Student Selection Criteria in interdisciplinary studies
Curriculum Design and Innovation
New Experiences for Curriculum Design
Strategies, Principles and Challenges
Forecasting of labour market and skill needs in Europe
Generic skills and their development
European Higher Education Area
The Bologna Declaration process
Erasmus Thematic Networks
Accreditation /assessment issues
New challenges for the European Higher Education Area
ETCS experiences
Erasmus experiences in the universities
Research in Education
Engineering Research Centres. Education Initiatives
Research on Technology in Education
Research on Innovation in Education
Research Methodologies
Academic Research Projects
Quality assurance in Education
Academic experiences and best practice contributions
Quality processes at national and international level
International Projects
New experiences for the international cooperation 
Project outcomes and conclusions 
Virtual Universities
The internationalization of Universities
Experiences in virtual universities 
Pedagogical & Didactical Innovations
Learning and Teaching Methodologies
NewLearning/Teaching Models
Language Learning Innovations
Evaluationand Assessment
Tutoringand Coaching
Transferable skills
Complimentary skills programmes
Technological Issues
Blended Learning
Web classroom applications
WebLab Systems
Advanced Classroom Technology
Classroom and Laboratory: Integration
Emerging Technologies
Internet based technologies (e.g. blogs) 
Educational Software
Computer software on Education
Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Animation and 3D systems
Simulation and Remote Control
Educational Software experiences
Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Collaborative Virtual environments (CVEs) 
Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
Educational/Serious Games
Sciences & Mathematics 
University-Industry Collaboration
Collaborative Learning and Work Employability
Continuous Education
University/Industry Partnership
University/Industry Programs
University/Industry Experiences
Knowledge Management
Content-based multimedia indexing and retrieval
Frameworks for knowledge portals
Business Intelligence
Management of distributed knowledge
Semantic web infrastructures and ontologies
Experiences in knowledge management projects
主办单位:  the INTED Organizing Committee
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